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“Banks Van Pelt III is my favorite realtor in the Kingsland/St. Mary’s area. He represented me in my purchase of a townhouse. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. He is extremely honest, trustworthy and will go out of his way to help you in any aspect of your real estate purchase. He is also the same honest person outside of the real estate business. I will happily do busines with him whenever I need real estate advice. I hope to get to know him and his family better once we can make the move to Kingsland.”
Herb Henry and Family


“Working with Banks was a pleasure. He was a breath of fresh air compared to other agents my wife and I had worked with the prior two years. We met and his being prior service meant a lot to me. He understood our needs and concerns. He took his time looking comparing and showing homes for us. The one thing that stands out about Banks is he will not try to steer you to where he thinks you should go. He did exactly what we asked him to and the bid went through as planned. He was there to the end with my wife and I. he will be called upon when we are in the need for another home. Thanks Mr Van Pelt for your hard work and dedication to us your customers.”

J.A. Stadeker Principal Engineer ICS-HDE SWFLANT Naval Base Kings Bay


“Banks: I want to thank you for making what could have been an unpleasant experience into a very delightful and fun adventure. My being in a Boston suburb and you being in Kingsland, Ga, I took a chance on an unknown, and I am so glad I did. You and your crew did a wonderful job of designing and building my home. I would recommend you to absolutely anyone. You listen and understand instictevely to people’s needs. This is a rare quality. I would recommend you to absolutely anyone looking for a realtor in your area. Again, I thank you. Nancy”
Nancy Orlando


“I have worked with Banks while living from sea to shining sea – literally. With PCS orders to Georgia, my husband and I began our house hunting in NY, via the internet. We came across Banks’ website, and began communicating with him through email as well as over the phone. Without even meeting him, we knew he was going to be the best person to help us find the perfect house to purchase. When our house hunting leave came, we headed down to Kings Bay. We met Banks, looked out countless houses, put an offer in on the perfect one, had a home inspection done, and was under contract with a closing scheduled a month later – this all happened in three days. Now living in Hawaii, we are using Military Realty’s property management services to take care of our home as a rental property. Banks sets a high standard of service and maintains it.”

Aimee Reinhardt


“I have had the good fortune to work with Banks for many years, and as a loan officer have helped many of his buyers with their financing. Without reservation I can say Banks is one of the best realtors I have worked with across the country. He is a terrific advocate for his buyers, is readily available by phone and email, and is a terrific problem solver. He works hard and succeeds in finding the right home for his buyers, and helps his clients through every step of the home buying process. All in all, a valuable resource for all parties!”

Amy Stuhr, Loan Officer National Bank Of Kansas City


“I was using a national Realtor chain for over a month and my house was only shown two or three times total.  I then replaced them with Banks Van Pelt and my house was shown several times a week.  Banks is both professional and dedicated and I wouldn’t buy or sell a house with anyone else.”
Douglas Newborn




“Banks is a GREAT realtor! He has always done more than what was expected. I have bought and sold houses with other realtors in the area, but I have not received the service and dedication that Banks has provided. Since dealing with Banks Vanpelt, he is the only realtor I will use!”
Bernie & Mary Jones


“Banks I appreciate all you have done for me since we met. From looking at houses the day after thanksgiving in 07′ and all the contracts that we wrote up for them not to go through you had a cheerful approach. All the effort you put into getting my house up for rent this year really paid off and I love the renters you chose.”
Esther Ulysse


“We listed our Kingsland, GA home with Banks after trying for over a year with 2 other local realtors and finally opting for FSBO. In the first month, he had more people in to see our house than in the whole past year it had been on the market! Our family is so thankful for his hard work, experience, and dedication to selling our home. Thanks again!”
Daniel & Jennifer Seest


“I would like to start off by saying that Mr. Banks was an amazing person to work with and so very patient. My husband and I being first time homebuyers came across some unexpected obstacles but yet Mr. Banks worked very hard to get us our house. Since the purchase of our house we recommended Mr. Banks to a close friend of ours and they too closed on a house and were pleased with the services provided. Thanks Mr. Banks”
The Martinez Family


“I have been working with Banks and his real estate company for nearly a year now. He has been most diligent in keeping me informed of properties available in the areas he services. I have special needs around a specific time line regarding my plans to relocate to St Mary’s, GA to be near my family. Banks has never wavered in his willingness and ability to help and to guide me in this life-changing decision. If you are looking for a most sincere and deligent realtor to work with in making one of the most important investment decisions in your life you will be most pleased with the services of Banks Van Pelt and his personal touch company. Most Sincerely, Margaret Davis Dixon Fort Bragg, NC”
Margaret Davis Dixon


“Dear Banks We would like to thank you for your efforts on our behalf in dealing with multiple real estate transactions in the Kingsland and St Mary’s areas. We have found your services to be invaluable. You have been knowledgeable, energetic, and personable in multiple dealings. We wish great success with your own agency and know that others will also be pleased with your efforts.”
Hutch and Marcia Eisen


“Banks made renting a place from a long distance (Hawaii!) easy. He was very helpful in getting things done quickly and knows the needs of military families.”
James Wiest


“First off I would like to say, we love our house. We contacted Banks almost a year before we were to move. He kept us updated on the houses that fit into what we were searching for. Never once did he stop. Whenever we had a question we called and he would get right back to us. He made buying our first home a wonderful experience. He made sure everything was just right before we moved in too. He is the greatest Realtor we have ever had the pleasure to work with. We would recommend him to anyone that is searching for a house, we actually already have. Thank you Banks!”
Beth and Matt


Banks is a very professional businessman. He let us decide on the houses we wanted but when it came down to it he helped us see what would be best for our money and respected our price limit. I would recommend him to anyone!!-5/2011

Mr. Banks Van Pelt was extremely helpful. We made our home selection and completed the loan process from out of state. The loan took several turns, changing the type of loan and he helped us through the whole process keeping in constant communication. I would highly recommend Banks for anyone seeking real estate.-5/2011

Mr. Van Pelt was a great help. He spend several hours talking to us mostly over the phone since we were in Ca. When my husband flew out Banks showed him several houses in the area. His knowledge and understanding of what was best for my family helped us buy a new construction. I would highly recommend him to someone moving to this area.-5/11

When my husband received PCS orders from CT to GA, I immediately began contacting Realtors in GA and after speaking with several, I felt that Banks was the most qualified to help us with our situation. Banks was very informative about the area and all of the aspects of buying a home. Since we lived so far from GA, Banks went above and beyond to keep us informed of the market in GA, new listings, and price reductions in the area. He was quick to respond to questions (always on the same day!!) and even assisted us with finding a great mortgage company. When we did find the perfect house, Banks made sure that we had a home & termite inspection the very next day to ensure that there were no issues with the house. Six weeks later, my husband and I flew to GA to close on our house and Banks walked us through it every step of the way! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is buying, selling, or renting a house!-5/11

Banks Van Pelt III is my favorite realtor in the Kingsland/St. Mary’s area. He represented me in my purchase of a townhouse. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. He is extremely honest, trustworthy and will go out of his way to help you in any aspect of your real estate purchase. He is also the same honest person outside of the real estate business. I will happily do business with him whenever I need real estate advice. I hope to get to know him and his family better once we can make the move to Kingsland.-8/11

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, Banks is able and willing to assist in any way possible. My family and I are very appreciative of his help.-1/12

Kerri is one of only about 2500 people to hold the Professional Community Association Managers designation in the entire United States! She knows what she is doing when it comes down to managing property.-5/12

Retired Navy Senior Chief with the experience you need, top sales for Kingsbay area 2010 & 2011-5/12

I would recommend Banks Van Pelt to handle any aspect of a buyer or sellers real estate needs. He is honest, trustworthy and might just become a great friend. He handled my husband’s townhouse purchase a year ago and we could not have been more pleased with his work and we love the house. He also gave me information about a town house for sale in that neighborhood. He helps in any way he can whether you do business with him or just asking for information.-9/12

Banks recently helped my husband and I purchase our first home. He showed us the home at the last minute on a Saturday, and we were in his office on Sunday making an offer. He was extremely helpful throughout the purchase process. He answered all my questions and explained all documents. He worked diligently with the home owner regarding specific requests for modifications to the property that we made. He stayed in constant contact with my mortgage agent, MARIEM BENNETT (ENVOY MORTGAGE) regarding the status of my loan. He contacted me frequently to keep me apprised of the status. I would greatly recommend Banks and Military Realty to anyone looking to purchase a new home, or looking to sell their property with a knowledgeable realtor.-10/12

Banks is a very personable, professional agent. He makes you feel like you have known him for years instead of just meeting him. He has really been a valuable asset to us, as we are first time home buyers. Banks has explained the whole process thoroughly and in language that you can easily understand. Mr. Van Pelt is currently fighting to find us our dream home since we recently lost a property we have been following. And our finances and demands don’t exactly match, but he is still hanging in there to find us what we need and want. We would highly recommend him to anyone searching for their next home.-11/12

Banks and Kerri helped me to buy 3 houses in this area, all priced under their value. It has been less than a year since I bought two of them and I have acquired significant equity in both. I also have acquired equity in the 3rd which I bought almost 2 years ago. Banks and Kerri are professional, trustworthy, honest, and caring. I felt that they truly had my best interests in mind while looking for these houses as well as throughout the transaction process. Banks was always very informative and up front with everything and if he thought that something was amiss he would warn me even if he lost the sale. And if there were issues that he thought we could work through then he would advise of that as well. Military Realty of Kings Bay now manages the 2 investment houses and will be managing the 3rd shortly. They are very diligent and punctual in handling any concerns on both the part of the owner and the renter. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to buy, rent, or manage a property.-12/12

The only realtor in the area that would meet me at my house and guide me through the property management scenario. Others were either not interested or not very sincere and factual. Banks has done a great job for me at a very reasonable price. Clear and concise on all the details and the payments are prompt. I would recommend him to anyone.-12/12

Banks and Military Realty of Kingsbay are the best realtors I have ever worked with. I was stationed in Kingsbay, Ga. and was a first time homebuyer with Banks. His knowledge in all types of real estate is top notch and he is very honest. My wife and I looked at a hand full of houses before we decided to build our new home with WESTCO Construction. Banks helped us through every step of the way. He kept us up to date and informed throughout the entire project. I since have been stationed in Kodiak, AK. And now Banks has managed my rental for us for about two years now, and we are worry free and are very happy with their service. Banks is the Man!!! I have and I will continue to recommend Military Realty of Kingsbay to anyone that wants to buy, rent, or have an investment managed around the Kingsbay-12/12

The bomb at property management, has the highest designation attainable, Professional Community Association Manager, and there are only about 2500 in the entire US-1/13

Banks and Kerri of Military Reality are top notch. After renting a house for a year with them it became time for us to look at something more permanent. The process was fully explained and the journey while not as difficult as I imagined it, was made a little less daunting with the help of Mr. Van Pelt. He must have answered a thousand questions that we had and was ready to assist us in anyway he could. Don’t Buy or Sell until you have talked to this man-4/13

Being first time home buyers and never been to Kings Bay! Banks helped us find our perfect home! And we are due to close in just one week. He has been extremely helpful and answered any questions we had! And was very informative of everything! He wasn’t pushy at all. He knows his stuff! He took us around just one day and found our perfect home in that one day! I would recommend him to anyone moving to the Kings Bay area or surrounding areas.-5/13

Banks is absolutely awesome!!!

Many people fill out surveys and write reviews just to ‘check a box’. Banks earned each and every 5-Star rating available and in every case would receive higher marks if they were available. If you are a first time buyer and slightly unsure about the process, put your trust in Banks and follow his lead. He prevented us from making major mistakes, fought with those in the home buying process who came up short at times, and in the end, guided us to the perfect home for us with better than imaginable financial terms. UTILIZE THIS MAN’S SERVICES!!!-5/13

She is my real estate agent. She is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.-5/13

Banks was superb through the entire buying process! We were first time buyers, and he held our hands and guided us through everything, every step of the way. Even with the fact that we were buying from out of state, sight unseen. He took after hours calls from us with all of our daunting, first time buyer questions and concerns!-6/13

Excellent work Banks and Military Realty of Kingsbay!! We were transferred to HI and had to handle this while over there before our house was sold. Banks handled everything. He made it seem so seamless. He kept us up to date and informed throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. And being in the military no worries if you have to go before you sell, he will take care of it,. Guaranteed. Many thanks banks.-6/13

Mr. Banks was great throughout the entire buying process! We were first time buyers, and he guided us through every step of the way. We were also buying the house from out of state and had never seen the property in person. We would have been nervous but he was knowledgeable and ensured everything went accordingly. We have lived in our new home for 1 month now and we love it. All thanks to Mr. Banks.-6/13

After my wife passed away in 2012 I found myself a single parent of two teenage daughters. I was living in a mobile home park and knew we needed a start. I shopped around for homes and got told no a couple of times even after explaining my situation to other realtors. I found a home that was set up exactly the way my wife and I wanted to do our double wide. I again told my story expecting to get told “No we can’t help you” again. Banks looked at me with tears in his eyes as mine were also. He looked at me and told me “yes I think we can help you”. He immediately started making phone calls and pulling together resources to help me on purchasing a home. I honestly can’t say how grateful I am to him and for all he has done to help my family to heal from losing a wife and mother. I know in my heart that a person willing to work as hard as he did is really in it to help find people homes that they can afford and be happy with.-6/13

Banks was extremely helpful during our home buying experience. His knowledge, expertise and responsiveness is outstanding. He went out of his way to take us to another town to show the house we were interested in. He advised us and followed through every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone who is in the market for a new home.-6/13

Senior Chief Banks Van Pelt (Ret) has my strongest recommendation as a Real Estate Agent. PROFESSIONAL ACUMEN: Banks learned exactly what my profitability requirements and personal preferences are, and took me through homes that met or exceeded them without ever pressuring me to over spend or lower standards. I received excellent sale and resale value. $8,536.23 in saved mortgage interest, closing costs, and repairs can be directly attributed solely to Banks’ negotiating and researching skills. He doubtlessly saved me tens of thousands in this purchase overall.

COMMUNITY CONVERSANCE: Banks’ experience with local inspectors, appraisers, contractors, etc. ensured proficient service, primarily from other retired service members. His understanding of my fiscal and maintenance needs as a deployable Sailor have been invaluable. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Banks has worked around my extensive schedule and been available for assistance with everything from home warranties to preferred ISPs 24/7, and even drove me to local utility companies. He personally oversaw prospective sellers, mortgage lenders, inspectors, appraisers, and escrow attorneys. He arranged and verified pest control checks, no cost presale repair work of major systems and minor flaws, and homeowners’ and flood insurance requirements. I will absolutely utilize Banks’ exceptional real estate skills again in 36 months when I sell or rent my home, either of which I can do at a substantial profit due to him. I highly encourage other buyers and sellers to work with him as well, especially my fellow Sailors and Marines. He has my complete confidence.-7/13

My husband and I only wanted to looked at one house and Banks went out of his way (on mother’s day) to show it to us, He as gone above and beyond to make sure we got the best deal. He made our first home Buying experience smooth easy and quick. I recommend him to everyone.-7/13

Kerri Van Pelt is reliable and always willing to help resolve any problems with my rental property. The Military Realty Office as a whole has been very helpful. I originally purchased the home through them and rented it with them too. They have a good knowledge about military life and will work with you to maintain anything even when you are deployed thousands of miles away. I have to say, I could not have done this and kept my sanity without them. Thank you.-8/13

Kerri Van Pelt is an excellent property manager. She is prompt and diligent when issues arise. She has excellent problem solving capability. I bought 3 homes with Military Realty of Kings Bay and Kerri and her staff manage all 3 of them. They are trust worthy and work hard for me.-8/13

Kerri is a true professional, Takes care of my home and several others.-8/13

I listed my home for rent with Kerri and she had it rented to a well-qualified tenant in a short time. I live out of the area and Kerri and her staff always handle anything that may come up in a prompt manner.-8/13

Kerri has always been very helpful with all of my needs regarding my property. She is extremely professional and has been a lifesaver for handling my rental for me while I live almost two continents away. Do not hesitate to utilize Kerri and her company for all of your rental and home needs.-8/13

Kerri was very helpful in getting my home rented. We were on a short time frame and even from 3000 miles away I was confident that everything would be handle professionally.-8/13

Kerri Van Pelt has a “Yes…I’ll see what I can do.” attitude. She was the only area realtor to respond to my request for help on Tulia. Every time I called the Military Realty number she answered, with a “yes” in her voice . She would offer alternate options if there was a “No” involved. Upon our first meeting after “LISTENING” to my needs and criteria we saw all of the houses on my list in one afternoon. Kerri helped me negotiate a fair price without delay, got the offers in and correct, (within the day) and we closed quickly and efficiently. She made necessary recommendations with effective, efficient contractors to achieve my goals after the purchase. Kerri is a busy effective agent in the realty field. She made me feel like I was here honored client. Yay, Kerri.-8/13

Great choice in this area for help buying a home.-8/13

So when I read all the awesome reviews that Banks had on this site I almost didn’t believe them. But he was hands down the most amazing realtor I could ever imagine. This was our first time buying a house and he made the process so easy. We went from looking for a house to closing in one month. It was fast and crazy but banks helped us every step of the way. He even went out on Father’s Day with us to look at houses. He’s amazing. Don’t look farther!-9/13

We are a military family that was moving from VA to GA and Banks and his wife were so helpful. We are 1st time home buyers and they were so helpful with the entire process. They walked us through step by step and even gave us info on local agent through navy federal which made things a lot easier as well. Once we moved in the help didn’t stop then. Banks gave me all the info on who to call to set everything up (utility wise) he even called to see how everything was going a week after we moved in. If you are looking for a very knowledgeable realtor with experience, this is your guy. Thanks Banks you’re the best! Update! I just wanted to tell all ya’ll fellow Camden County folks that I purchased a house 9 months ago and my realtor Banks Van Pelt is so awesome even 9 months later I called him with a question/problem with our ac and he got a guy out here with in hours! Go Military Realty they sure do take care of their customers!-9/13

Simple the BEST! Banks is very knowledgeable and thorough in his field. He spent a full day with us looking at houses all over Camden County. When our deal did not pan out he immediately began looking for comparable houses for us. He helped us through all aspects of the buying process – including keeping up with the home loan process. He helped keep us calm during this process and made us feel very comfortable. He was honest about each house that we saw – he was not just after the SALE. I would recommend Banks to my family & friends! Thank you so much for the bottom of hearts!-9/13

We just bought our first home in Kingsland. We found Banks with Military Realty of Kings Bay online. We are so glad we did. He showed us every house we wanted to see, and then some, all on a Holiday Weekend when other Realtors would have had the day off. When we chose a home he worked tirelessly with the Sellers and got us a better deal than even we expected. He walked us through the entire home buying process (without making us feel like children when we didn’t understand something) from pre-approval to move-in. He has gone above and beyond, and never once did we feel like we were just a way to get him money. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. We will definitely use Banks when we are ready to sell. If you are looking to sell, buy, or even rent Banks Van Pelt is the absolute best!-10/13

Banks acted as my buyer’s agent when I recently purchased a home and I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home in the King’s Bay area. He was very helpful through the whole process and made sure that things were being taken care of locally while I was in the process of moving. I would recommend Banks to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the King’s Bay and Jacksonville areas.-10/13

Banks Van Pelt just helped me purchased my 3 rental property. I Bonded with Banks just because of his energy Knowledge about the property and others like it. He gave me good sound advice and will give more anytime you need it. He is always there for you. I really appreciate that about him. I will be looking for Banks when I buy the next property.-10/13

Banks was so helpful! He quickly understood what we were looking for and found a house with the perfect fit. His input was so valuable and really helped us get what we were looking for instead of “settling for” a house that didn’t meet our needs. It felt like we had our own advocate when negotiating on our house which really makes a difference. He was so prompt in getting back in touch with us and accommodated our needs at a moment’s notice! Thanks Banks!-10/13

This is the second home we have purchased, our 10th real estate agent and Banks is by far the best agent we have ever had!!! You’re new in town and you’re looking to buy a house Banks is the man to talk to. Banks found us ALL the best deals!!! Buying a house through him was sooo easy we wish we could had a Banks with us in every state we moved in lol. He is really that good!! If we decide to purchase again before switching duty stations we will definitely be contacting Banks Van Pelt!! Thanks Banks!!-10/13

We initially contacted Banks to see one of his properties he had for sale. He ended up being extremely helpful and offered to show us around to all of the houses in the area. We ended up buying a house not listed by him but with his assistance. Banks was very helpful when we were first time buyers. He was very knowledgeable about military life and was able to assist in anything we needed especially with VA loans. When we purchased the home we had some problems that needed to be fixed and when it was not done properly after moving in he was able to negotiate a new AC in the home. We have since PCS’d to another base and he now acts as our property manager for the home. If you are military, Military Realty is your go to place for buying, selling, renting, and property management needs.-10/13

I walked in to Military Realty of Kings Bay with little knowledge of the house buying process. I did not know what to expect from the realtor that greeted me (Mr. Van Pelt), and to be honest I was prepared for the worst. I have heard many horror stories of how realtors are pushy and are snakes like car salesmen; however my experience was quite the opposite. My husband and I sat down with Banks and he proceeded to give us the “straight forward” of the house buying process. He told us what we needed, what is to be expected, and spent more time making sure we understood the process than he did pushing a sale. When it came time to find a house for us, because of his extensive knowledge in military (beings how he is a retired senior chief), he made sure that the criteria we desired fit our budget perfectly, and NEVER pushed for something higher. He walked us through every process step by step, dedicated days of his time to us, and made sure that we found the right house that fit our family. Banks has built his company around excellent customer service and that is what he has achieved. I have now recommended 5 people to him, all of them bought houses, and all of them have been thoroughly satisfied in the customer service Banks and his company provided. He is and forever will be my family realtor. I walked in expecting a least a man that can help me fine my house and walked out with a man that I can now consider a friend.-11/13

Banks was not actually representing us in our real estate transaction as we were selling our home and he was working with the buyers. He was still very helpful and very honest. I felt confident throughout the process that he was on top of things and was very quick to answer my questions.-12/13

Banks did an awesome job helping us buy our home. He made the finding and deciding on the right home such an easy process. We were able to find the home we wanted and move in within a month. He was with us every step of the way, answering all our questions and working with our lender to ensure our entire process of home buying was smooth and stress free.-12/13

A military family of 3, new to the area we had purchased our first home. Unfortunately we did not have Banks as our realtor. And boy I wish we did. We prob would have been living in better home for an even better price. We realized our errors and went looking for a new realtor. Our first meet up with Banks and his team was because we wanted to purchase an investment property. He was very honest, informative and went above and beyond for us and took us under his wing and showed and taught us everything we needed to know about the process. We successfully purchased our first investment home and he guided us the whole way. Always available, always helpful and would NEVER let us spread too thin or put us in a position he knew we couldn’t handle. Not only did he help us with the buy he helped us with the sell. We will keep working with Banks and the Military Realty family for future homes etc. My only wish is that we can take him with us when we get transferred out! :)-1/14

There is a great deal to be said about an individual in today’s business world that is patient, direct, and courteous. Banks is all of that and a tad more. Through my life experiences, and I’m 66 so there have been a few, Banks’ efforts on my behalf are memorable. I thank him for his professionalism and responsiveness. This is a guy I could go fishing with, share a cold adult beverage, or just sit and converse. Thanks for your help Banks it is greatly appreciated.-1/14

I cannot say enough good things about Banks. Our home buying journey was a little more complicated because we had several renovations done. He was very understanding and walked us through every leg of the process. We had to bring our toddler and infant with us to several meetings in his office and Banks was always very understanding. He kept us in the loop at every step and called us at least weekly to make sure we were doing okay and to walk us through the next steps we would be taking. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone looking to buy a house but especially first time home buyers. He takes his time and teaches you about the process rather than just hurrying everything along. We will absolutely use his services if and when we sell our house or rent it out.-3/14

Banks’ local market knowledge and real estate knowledge made the process quite simple. Being in the military we have used multiple real estate agents in multiple cities and Banks was far and above the best real estate agent we have ever had the privilege of working with. Being retired military himself, he is especially in tune with military family’s needs and the process / requirements for VA loans. He was very attentive from the first meeting through and after closing. The 5 star ratings are a rare thing for me because I have some pretty high standards but Banks has earned them. We had moved across country, didn’t quite have a place to stay yet and in the matter of 4 hours we had a house picked, offer accepted, and he even arranged for us to move in immediately so we had a place to stay until we closed. If you’re looking for a home, do yourself a favor and hire Banks as your agent. You will not be disappointed!-3/14

Banks is an amazing guy to work with! My Husband and I were first time buyers and he was upfront and honest about every property we looked at. He was very helpful and answered any question we had without any hesitation. If you are buying, selling or renting we definitely recommend Banks and his team at Military Realty!-3/14

We were on house hunting leave when we came down for a few days. We came in on a late sat night, so I called on sun morning to leave messages with realtors to set up meetings. Banks was there and answered the phone and saw us that day. We had an idea on what we wanted and were looking for, we talked about what we wanted and set up a time to discuss houses he found for us the next day. He was knowledgeable about everything we had questions on, we were first time homebuyers and didn’t know much about the whole process. He understood and only showed us houses that had almost everything we wanted or more. He didn’t take us anywhere outside our price budget, or anything we weren’t looking for. Banks is a very helpful understanding realtor and I know he will be our property manager for renting our house out when we have to move.-3/14

WOW! Banks Van Pelt is amazing! We had gone through 5 realtors before finding Banks. You read that right… 5 REALTORS!!! Banks immediately put us at ease. He listened to what we wanted and set about finding the perfect property. He never tried to push us into one of his listings, never tried to get us to spend more than we were comfortable spending, and was patient with us. Banks was always professional, friendly, prompt, returned our phone calls, kept on top of things… the list goes on and on. He made the home buying process painless. I can’t say enough great things about him and his office. If you are looking for a realtor who knows the area and “knows his stuff”, then I highly recommend Banks Van Pelt of Military Realty of Kings Bay.-3/14

You can’t go wrong with Banks Van Pelt, working with his wife Kerry, they will find you an amazing deal on your new home, whether renting or buying, first time, or tenth time. The process has been nothing but wonderful with buying our new home, from the initial contact whilst still in Australia, to meeting face to face weeks later. Honest, reliable, and great to be in contact with. Could not have been happier with our experience with Banks and Kerry.-6/14

Looking for a retirement home in his area in the future. NOT pushy like some other agents. That is a big plus to me. Very helpful and when we get to the point that we need an agent Banks will be it.-8/14

Banks is not only a great agent but an honest human being. His knowledge and expertise on the area helped us tremendously. Being in the military relocations are common and can be very difficult. Fortunately, we were able to find Banks, who also has a military background, which made it so much easier for us because he had walked in our shoes before. Having Banks by our side helped us find the perfect home that fits every one of our needs and also makes a great investment for our present and future.-8/14

My experience with Shelly Ortiz was nothing short of excellent. She was very friendly, helpful, and motivated. She kept herself up to date at all times throughout our closing, sometimes making two or three calls herself to get the latest information on the lender’s requirements, or where they were in the process. She made sure I was informed of anything that changed along the way, and was always available for my never ending questions as we went. I personally recommend her to all my friends, family, and co-workers.-9/2014

She was the most helpful person to us. We were looking for a place to rent to move to Georgia and she was really helpful always kept in touch with us by phone, email or even text, always in contract. I would highly recommend her for all your home needs.- 9/2014

Yllen was not only friendly and engaging, but extremely professional. She listened to our needs and was able to provide valuable information regarding the area we were interested in. Thank you Yllen for making our relocation to southeast Georgia enjoyable and much less stressful than we anticipated. We would not hesitate to call Yllen in the future as our realtor! -9/2014

Shelly assisted us in the purchase of our short sale home! She was very courteous throughout the whole process. She goes above and beyond to make sure that your needs are met when finding your “perfect” home. Her enthusiasm and motivation is contagious!-10/2014

Being in the Navy and just moving to the area my spouse and I were not familiar with our new area at all. After viewing property online we met Yllen and couldn’t have been happier. Yllen went out of her way several times to help us look at properties all over the area that met our wants and price range. Always very knowledgeable and friendly. I have and will continue to recommend Yllen to my fellow shipmates.- 10/2014

We had a very complicated buying process but Banks was there every step of the way. He was very supportive of our wants and needs and his service did not stop after the closing, I know if I need anything I can call and ask for any recommendations in the local area and he is more than willing to help. Great company and realtor.-10/14

WOW….. What can I say about Shelly except that she is an utterly AMAZING agent? She not only assisted my wife and I in purchasing our dream home (Short Sale) but she helped us rent out our old home. Her knowledge of the local area, military community and financing made the arduous process of buying a short sale a breeze. I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those moving from out of area or transferring with the military. She will be our only Realtor for as long as we stay in southern Georgia.-10/2014

My husband I called Shelly when we realized that we may be moving to the area. At first we were just inquiring about a couple of properties, asking around. By the time we got to Shelly, I had spoken with several real estate agencies. Shelly was the first one we spoke to who seemed genuinely concerned about our unique needs. She took the time to answer all of my questions and even a few I didn’t know to ask. When we came down to view the homes; she was prompt, and even made a second trip out to meet us because my husband had an interview. She has stayed in touch with us always letting us know what’s still available.

Shelly is friendly, and helpful, and cares about her clients. She even called to ask if we had a safe 300 mile trip home. When we get ready to but we know who to ask for. And I plan to recommend her to anyone who is considering moving to the area.-10/2014

Yllen has a very high degree of professionalism. She worked diligently to find me a rental and was very understanding to my specific needs. She also kept me will informed on new listings and was easy to reach. She also arrived on time, ready to show the homes and had an excellent knowledge base about each home. I highly recommend her for any real estate needs. Thanks Yllen!!!-11/2014

Yllen was extremely easy to work with and was just a text or phone call away throughout the entire process. I highly recommend doing business with her if you’re looking to buy a home in southeastern Georgia. – 12/2014

Overall Shelly was excellent!!! We moved here for my husband who is in the navy and she worked quickly to find us a home to rent and we were in a rush bc I was pregnant and has many necessities that she met with our home. After renting for a year we decided we wanted to move and buy as the old house wasn’t working anymore…needless to say the level of patience she has was impeccable as we were very indecisive and had many necessities we were not willing to lose …or compromise on and after a long years’ worth of work she found us a home!! We were very pleased and have been glad to work with her as she has been very fun to work with and extremely helpful during and after buying the home!!!-2/2015

Banks was wonderful. We had not bought a home in 40 years so when we decided to buy a retirement home in Georgia it seemed overwhelming to us. Thanks to Banks and his TLC manor we are new homeowners. All his help made it possible. Banks, you are the best. Thanks!!!!!-3/15

Even though faced with many trials and tribulations, some due to our indecisiveness as first time home buyers and others due to issues on the builders end, Banks was incredibly patient and thorough in his dealings with us.-4/15

I am thankful for Mr. Banks being so quick to help us out. He went over and beyond to make sure we found the right home. He called me immediately with a list of homes to view! He was available to show me a home (which we ended up buying) during Fourth of July holiday! Had he not been on top of the game we would have lost the contract for the home we ended up buying! Even after we were finished with buying our home, he gave us his word he would have a wall repaired due to furniture that the previous owners and realtor left behind. He saw to it being repaired and paid for and this wasn’t his responsibility! His words to me on the phone were, “I gave you my word that the furniture and wall would be taken care of, so I will take care of it”. We thank you for your honesty and dedication in helping us with everything!-4/15